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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

GAT Vocabulary

Aggrandize: To cause to appear greatly
بڑا کرنا ۔ مر تبہ بڑھا نا

Aggravate: To make heavier, worse or more burdensome
زيا دہ کرنا ۔ بھڑکانا ۔ ناراض کرنا ۔ بد تر کرنا

Agile: Able to move or act quickly, physically or mentally
چست ۔ تيز ۔ چا لاک

Agog: In eager desire
بڑے جوش ميں ۔ سرگرم

Alacrity: Cheerful willingness
خوشي ۔ زندہ د لي ۔ پھرتي ۔ مستعد ي

Alcove: A covered recess connected with or at the side of a larger room
گنج ۔ حجرہ

Alleviate: To make less burdensome or less hard to bear
ہلکا کرنا ۔ چھڑانا ۔ آرام د ينا ۔ د کھ رفع کرنا

Aloof: Not in sympathy with or desiring to associate with others.
د ور ۔ الگ

Amalgamate: To mix or blend together in a homogeneous body
ملا وٹ کرنا ۔ ملنا ۔ آ ميزش کرنا

Monday, June 29, 2009

GAT Vocabulary

Abut: To touch at the end or boundary line.
ملنا ۔ سامنے آنا ۔ ختم ہو نا

: To agree
شامل ہونا ۔ قبول کرنا

: To comply; submit
قبول ۔ تسلیم

: Harshly pungent or bitter
زہر ۔ کڑوا

: Quickness of intellectual insight, or discernment; keenness of discrimination
باریک بینی ۔ زیر کی

: An old saying
مقو لہ ۔ مثل ۔ کہاوت

: Any substance of exceeding hardness or impenetrability

: Gentle reproof
ڈ ا نٹ ۔ نصیحت ۔ نتنہیہ

Adumbrate: To represent beforehand in outline or by emblem
ڈ ھکنا ۔ عکس

Affable: Easy to approach
ملنسار ۔ نرم مزاج

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

GAT Vocabulary

Aberrant: Markedly different from an accepted norm. خطا کار

Aberration: Deviation from a right customary, or prescribed course گمراھي

Abet: To aid, promote, or encourage the commission of an offense برے کام کے ليے اکسانا

Abeyance: A state of suspension or temporary inaction تعطل ? التواء

Abjure: To recant, renounce, repudiate under oath قسم کھا کر انکار کرنا

Ablution: A washing or cleansing, especially of the body وضو ? غسل

Abrogate: To abolish, repeal رد کرنا ? اٹھا دينا

Abscond: To depart suddenly and secretly, as for the purpose of escaping arrest. فرار ہونا

Abstemious: Characterized by self denial or abstinence as in the use of drink, food. پرہيز گار ? نشے نہ کرنے والا

Abstruse: Dealing with mastters difficult to be understood. کٹھن ? سجھنے ميں مشکل?چھپا ہوا

Friday, January 23, 2009

السلام علیکم

السلام علیکم
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